Holly Williams


Qualified Person-Centred Counsellor and Therapist

I am a warm, empathetic therapist practising in Rainow, near Macclesfield. I have included some information on me and my practice below but if you'd like to know more please feel free to call, text or email, whichever you're most comfortable with.

My Practice and Me

I have a genuine interest and care for anyone who wants to share and explore their personal experiences with me. My aim is to maintain the trust and well being of the client while supporting them through whatever they want to bring to the sessions. I believe a lot of good can come from being able to be completely and honestly ourselves with another person. To be accepted and cared for while sharing sometimes difficult or unpleasant experiences can really help to heal past traumas, or cope with current struggles. I try to understand your world as you see it and help you to find the solutions or resolutions you’re looking for without labelling or pushing you in a particular direction.

I have a private therapy room at my home where I offer a safe and non-judgemental environment. I offer one hour sessions at a rate of £40 and cater for both short and long term clients. I would like therapy to be available to everyone and I'm willing to discuss a concessionary rate for individuals who may require it.

For me, therapy is collaborative and my aim is to facilitate an open and honest relationship with all of my clients. In order to establish if we would potentially work well together, I offer a free, 30 minute initial meeting.


I have a diploma in Person-Centred counselling from the Metanoia Institute and a BA (Hons) in Person-Centred counselling from Middlesex University. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work in accordance with their ethical framework.

What is Person Centred Counselling?

In Person-Centred counselling the individual is at the centre of the decisions which impact their lives. People come to therapy for many different reasons but often they are dissatisfied, uncomfortable or distressed by aspects of their life and are seeking some kind of change. Person-Centred Counselling can often help to increase self- awareness and self-acceptance in order to feel more in control and live in a more fulfilling way. I have personally experienced, and witnessed others make great changes in their lives as a result of therapy. Sometimes people change very little of their outside world and all of the shifts are experienced within themselves; in their attitudes or beliefs.

In my previous work with charities and independent counselling services, I have helped clients to have more autonomy in their lives while overcoming issues such as, but not limited to, childhood trauma, domestic violence, sexual violence, anxiety, depression, anger management, self-harm, eating disorders and relationship difficulties.